Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph (2020)

Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph (2020)

Report Author(s): Philip Howard

AnzoGraph is a massively parallel graph database that runs on HDFS, NFS and other big data platforms. It is ACID compliant, but the emphasis is more on analytics.

While AnzoGraph is technically an RDF graph database it supports the proposed RDF* and SPARQL* W3C standards. This means that you can attach labels to vertices and edges in a similar manner to that of labelled property graphs. This capability has allowed Cambridge Semantics to add support (currently in preview) for OpenCypher.

Various BI, analytic and geospatial functions are provided out of the box, including graph algorithms such as PageRank and Shortest Path. There is support for integration to third party tools and vendors including R, SAS, Qlik, Tableau and Spotfire as well as specialist graph products such as Keylines. The company is positioning AnzoGraph not just as a graph database but as a graph-based data warehouse.


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