Best-of-breed test design automation

Best-of-breed test design automation

Report Author(s): Philip Howard

It is not immediately clear what the space discussed in this paper should be called. The tools evaluated here certainly automate the generation of test cases, but some of them do so in only a limited fashion while many of them do rather more than that. We have therefore opted for the rather more nebulous “test design automation”. Moreover, we have restricted ourselves to those products that we consider to be best-of-breed since there are a great many tools and products that we might have included in this Market Update. Two potential categories of product have been omitted from this report. Firstly, tools that we believe to have been left behind by emerging market trends. For example, we regard keyword-based approaches to generating test cases as table stakes. That isn’t to say that we have completely ignored keyword-based products (Micro Focus’ Silk Central, for example) but what we are generally looking for is more advanced capabilities, especially those that are model-based. Secondly, we have omitted products that focus on testing within systems (engineering) environments as opposed to those that concentrate on software development.


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