AUTOMATE Research Report

AUTOMATE Research Report

CIO WaterCooler interviewed more than fifty CIOs and IT leaders in the UK to get their views on different aspects of their roles. This part of our report series covers AUTOMATE, in their own words.

Most IT leaders associate AUTOMATE with Enterprise Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and solutions from vendors like UiPath, Microsoft Power Automate, Automation Anywhere and ServiceNow.

Automation is used both to improve the customer experience and to ‘simplify key internal processes’, allowing staff to do more interesting value-added things. Cost cutting is also mentioned as a driver for automation.

AUTOMATE is the technical flipside to business process-focused TRANSFORM. Low code tools promise to let the business automate their own processes. A few IT leaders endorsed that idea; others prefer to keep the control with IT.

Hear from Tim Bolam, VP Project Delivery at DHL as he shares his views on the AUTOMATE agenda.