Atego Asset Library

Atego Asset Library

Report Author(s): David Norfolk


One of the first of these (possibly the very first, depending on what you define as an intelligent asset library) has been developed by Atego, which specialises in standards-based development of ‘systems of systems’ engineering solutions, largely for the aerospace industry. It is important to note that, while Atego Asset Library interfaces particularly well with Atego’s UML-based Artisan Studio, it isn’t limited to that tool and supports all the appropriate OMG standards, including the Reusable Asset Specification. Bloor sees no reason why the Atego Asset Library shouldn’t deliver benefit to any organisation supporting complex process automation, such as those in banking and financial services, although Atego’s focus in aerospace, defence, automotive and transport probably means that it would have to be OEM’d to an appropriate systems or services integrator for such uses.


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