Research | CIO WaterCooler - Part 7


Technical Debt to Avoid Business Inertia

Managing Technical Debt to Avoid Business Inertia

Technical debt is defined as the hidden downstream costs that arise from the creation, maintenance and upgrading of technology systems. Rapid delivery of these activities is expected, which can result in incomplete code, poor...

Managed Detection and Response

This Market Report segments vendors within the still emerging managed detection and response (MDR) services market.

Ataccama ONE

Ataccama ONE encompasses data integration, data cataloguing, data profiling and data quality, and both reference and master data management.

IRI Voracity

Powered by CoSort (or Hadoop), and built on Eclipse, IRI Voracity is a multi-purpose data management platform.

Graph Database (2020)

This is Bloor’s fourth Market Update in this space, which discusses the state of the graph database market as of early 2020.

Amazon Neptune

In Amazon Neptune, both RDF graphs and Property Graphs are stored in a “quad” representation using a custom data model.

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