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Business in a brave new hybrid world

Annual business trends report 2022 This year’s annual business trends report from Advanced has polled over 5,000 senior decision makers within the UK on the key challenges facing them. It offers even more insight...

hybrid multiclolud

Taking control of Hybrid Multicloud Environments

Business leaders want to take advantage of the agility of cloud applications to transform workplace services and the customer experience. IT departments are now struggling to regain control of the tangled hybrid and multicloud...

IT Transformation Imperative

The IT Transformational Imperative

The CIO’s role has always been to monitor technology industry developments and figure out when and how to take new ideas and solutions on board. But more recently it seems as if a whole range of trends have reached inflection points over a very short space of time – not least in areas such as cloud, DevOps and AI/ML.

Nearshoring Ukraine

Nearshore Development and Ukraine

Russia’s war on Ukraine, as well as causing the biggest European humanitarian crisis we have seen since World War II, has created a whole host of logistical and security concerns for organisations across the...

AI for Business

AI For Business

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising revolutionary technologies on the market, but businesses must understand the risks and regulations in order to reap the rewards. This report explores the platforms and strategies...


AI in Communication = Agile Innovation

McKinsey research revealed that by 2026, business leaders expect 50% of their revenues to come from products, services and businesses that don’t exist today. Sustainability and technology are the two main drivers of this...

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