Requirements specification for building new software

Requirements specification for building new software

If you want your software developers to create an app that perfectly addresses the needs of its users, proper requirements gathering is inescapable. The more attention you spend on defining requirements before the development commences, the less hassle you’ll have later on, as requirements that are vague and open to interpretation are a root cause of software unfit for its users.

Thorough and precise requirements specification is especially important when developing software with an external software development partner who may not be as aware of what you’re trying to achieve and why as your internal staff.

When outsourcing software development, a requirements specification document is drafted either when choosing a partner – if you’d like a number of potential partners to provide detailed quotes, or once you’ve signed a contract with your desired one.

A requirements specification is usually directed at developers or their technical line managers. It should, therefore, contain highly detailed technical information while still being clear enough for business users who would eventually accept and potentially use the software. A good requirements specification should be clear, unambiguous, correct and as complete as possible at the moment of its creation.  A requirements specification document serves as a prelude to further discussions about the application to be developed, rather than describe the final version of the software – it is quite often the case that specifications are fine-tuned throughout a project.

A requirements specification template for new software

You may choose to prepare a specification document on your own, or get professionals to assist you. If you are a fan of free resources that are really handy to have, we created a Word document template of a software requirements specification which you can download and complete for any supplier you choose to work with.

In addition to this, we provide additional requirements engineering support through dedicated workshops and of course highly professional software development services.

The requirements specification template we created has been organised into eight sections divided into further areas with descriptions of what you should cover in each part. To use it, simply download the document, edit and add any custom sections you need and send it to your chosen IT services company.

I wish you good luck with your project.


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