Rackspace-Empowered Azure, Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

Rackspace-Empowered Azure, Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

In this episode of 10th Magnitude’s Manhattans Project, Jeff DeVerter, CTO of Microsoft Technologies at Rackspace, joins me to discuss how Rackspace empowers Azure services. How do customers use hybrid Azure solutions? What are the next big leaps in Rackspace-empowered public cloud solutions with Azure? Let’s find out! Here are some highlights from our chat:


Jeff: One of the big trends I saw last year, was that we went from a time where companies were really afraid of the cloud, especially as you got up into that mid-market and enterprise space. Customers were really paranoid about their data going out to the cloud. Last year saw the change of, “Get my data out of my data center, and anywhere else for that matter!”
At Rackspace what we’ve been planning and preparing for is a migration out to public cloud but going through private cloud. And a little over a year ago we launched a private cloud offering and have seen a ton of customers moving into that, but we see that as a stepping stone as they then move out into straight public cloud. In this case, moving out into Azure.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh2Pnoqz9Zs]

Jeff: When upstream people see DevOps first —they go to a convention, they read a book, or they see one of these very intelligent videos— we find our phone will ring and they’ll say, “Hey, we want some servers and we want to buy some DevOps.” You can’t buy DevOps. “Give me three DevOps Please!”

Michael: I can’t tell you how often I see that! I run our Twitter stream, and I think at least once a day I see someone saying that DevOps is not a product that you can buy off the shelf. I think that’s a huge distinction that people have to figure out.

Jeff: It’s a new way of doing things! It’s all the things we used to have to do in a new way, with new technologies and new capabilities. But it’s not an “I’ll take five of those please” shrink-wrapped package.

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