What does WinMagic do?


Data Security

WinMagic focuses exclusively on developing intelligent data security solutions for everything encryption, built on a commitment of high standards and strong ethics.

One of the most common data security and protection solution is encryption. Unfortunately, the data security and encryption market is filled with many endpoint products, with little comprehensive management or integration-capability.  WinMagic builds encryption solutions that provide a unified, intelligent approach that offers comprehensive protection across users, devices, platforms, data and departmental silos.

With one console, and uniquely, one unified key management for multi-applications and multi-OS from endpoint, IoT, to the servers, and cloud, SecureDoc by WinMagic offers businesses the ability to leverage a seamless built-in encryption from the platform provider, combined with sophisticated, multi-platform unified key management from WinMagic.  Our sophisticated comprehensive encryption solutions protect against threats and data loss, helping businesses meet privacy and regulatory compliance requirements, all while reducing existing encryption costs.

In order to provide secure encryption solutions, WinMagic provides the encryption component when native encryption may not be adequate. Advances in technologies have allowed us to encrypt the data at all times except for the microseconds that data is being processed within the CPU. WinMagic’s solution will secure data, by not allowing it to be read by a managed service provider, and identity cannot be stolen without the user noticing it.

We believe our higher standards in encryption, combined with our ambition and expertise of over 20 years as an industry leader can eliminate the many issues in cybersecurity today faced by businesses.