What does Datalytyx do?


Data Management

We help customers to collect, clean, classify, process and visualize any type of data at scale, allowing real-time exploration of massive data sets to deliver insights for action at industry-leading speed.

Gallium – Our patented machine learning classification engine for IoT and time-series data drastically reduces data processing time, retaining 99% accuracy using less than 1% of the data. We throw away all the data points that add no value (the noise!).

Palladium – The first cloud native, pre-integrated, fully managed solution for Data and AI, that can store and analyse enormous volumes of IoT time-series data alongside traditional structured data. We reduce complexity and “just switch it on” in less than 1 day.

We offer flexible custom data platforms and services, including data engineering, data quality, data science, data migration, and data visualization with 24/7 managed support services. We are partnered with Snowflake, Talend, Databricks, AWS & Azure to deliver end-to-end services to modernise data architecture and operations.