What does D4t4 Solutions plc do?

D4t4 Solutions plc

Data Governance

D4t4 Solutions is ALL ABOUT THE DATA.

We are a UK-founded tech company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (D4T4). For 30 years our work and solutions have been focused on helping companies get the best possible value from all their data assets. Today we have clients in 22 countries who operate within the financial services, retail, travel and telco sectors who rely on our solutions and technical expertise.

We started out solving the thorny technical challenges associated with managing exponentially growing data volumes and sources. We have helped these companies unlock eye-watering new revenues and cost-saving opportunities with our solutions while ensuring 100% compliance with all their industry and data privacy regulations.

From our heritage in managing and optimising complex data platforms to the engineering innovations within our Celebrus customer data capture platform, D4t4 remains passionate and committed to leading the industry on leveraging all your digital data assets so your company can focus on delighting customers.

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