What does Cradlepoint do?


Wireless WAN Solutions

Cradlepoint is at the forefront of Wireless WAN and 5G — the next big waves in networking — and remains as hungry and humble as the day the company was founded in 2006.

Acquired by Ericsson in 2020, Cradlepoint operates today as a standalone subsidiary within Ericsson’s Business Area Technologies and New Business portfolio. Their client base now encompasses more than 32,000 businesses and agencies in 50+ countries.

In a world where wired broadband often isn’t sufficient, cloud-controlled LTE and 5G routers and adapters deliver a Wireless WAN (WWAN), enabling the freedom to unlock and connect more experiences, new ways to work, and improved business results – without the conventional limitations. Cradlepoint helps users utilise 4G and 5G cellular technology to connect people, places, and things — anywhere.