Present an IT project idea with maximum impact and integrity

Present an IT project idea with maximum impact and integrity


 Present an IT project idea with maximum impact and integrity

Chances are that potential technical employees in places like India, China, and Korea are ahead of you at least in terms of the “hard” technical skills. For those of you  who are looking to get ahead to a more managerial or leadership role, you will be focusing a lot of effort interacting with teams, departments, vendors, senior level and business owners across the corporation. And while those IT professionals concentrated on math, science, and computer related classes it stands to reason that they were not taught communication or presentation skills. That is where the differentiator is for you, where you can have a distinct advantage. Being able to communicate your ideas to the high level executives who are making funding decisions is important. ! Yet too often your fundamental behaviors actually prevent  you from standing out in this way.

Consider that in many IT departments today, the ability to get funding for a proposed project is largely dependent upon your ability as an IT professional’s to present the business value behind the technology project.  You can overcome this by being able to present your ideas with maximum impact and integrity. Too often executives don’t see clearly how the technology fits into their world.  As often happens, you will be in a meeting where high level executives are there waiting to hear  all the reasons “why”.

So, naturally you will research all the facts and be incredibly knowledgeable about the project. However being able to present those ideas  is way more than a powerpoint presentation with graphs and data is a learned skill. You must be able to present compelling arguments that support your position or establish a proposition and you must do it in a way that is believable, credible and engaging. One tip for presenting is to not use jargon. I know this is obvious tip, yet  it still happens far too often. The TLA’s, HCAP, BHAG, AFUK language should remain with your department not for the decision makers.

Also, present outcomes, not processes by presenting what success typically looks like, why should they fund the project. When you are putting together your slides, be certain to use visuals and images that tell your story in a way that is not boring so that you are able to make your case and makes what you are saying stand out. Because companies place such value on such skills, a superior competency in this area can be used to differentiate you from the pack and advance your career. So now you can get paid for what you know and not for what you do.


What are some of the ways that help you to present effectively?.  I invite you to share your  experiences or thoughts, or comments. You can  Email or call me for more information on soft skills/interpersonal skills workshops that can transform IT employees.

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Audrey Halpern has been active in the field of training for twenty years, focusing on employee soft skills. As President of ARH  Employee Skills Training,  Audrey addresses eager employee audiences on the essentials of the skills needed for unlocking the paths to their  success, whatever that looks like. She has the experience and the skills it takes to transfer knowledge to employees by working to create and customize employee soft skills training programs that fit the culture of her clients. As a soft skills facilitator she helps employees achieve their goals through the use of highly interactive and engaging, participant-centered methods in order to maximize outcomes. Her engaging and highly interactive delivery of training is sprinkled with impactful activities.


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