Content Team | Zscaler – Harnessing Zero Trust Architecture for Resilience & Performance

Zscaler – Harnessing Zero Trust Architecture for Resilience & Performance

Today, Nathan Howe, the VP of Emerging Technology and 5G at Zscaler, makes a return appearance to delve into the increasingly relevant topic of Zero Trust architecture.

In an era marked by hybrid workforces, global economic instability, and evolving cybersecurity threats, Nathan explains how Zero Trust architecture serves as more than just a security measure, transforming into a potent business solution delivering resilience, superior performance, and cost reductions.

The conversation kicks off with an in-depth discussion on the concept of Zero Trust architecture – the application of least privilege in computing to safeguard business assets, ensuring only authorized entities can access specific applications and data sets.

Neil and Nathan then explore why Zero Trust architecture deserves a priority spot on the C-suite agenda and why businesses can ill afford to overlook it.

Moving on, Nathan provides fascinating insights into the numerous benefits of adopting Zero Trust architecture for businesses, including enhanced security, improved resilience, boosted performance, and decreased costs. Drawing from Zscaler’s experience, he shares real-world examples of how their Zero Trust platform empowered organizations to eliminate inbound VPN services, thus reducing exposure risks.

Nathan then delves into the concept of policy-based steering and Zscaler’s ability to forge direct paths for workloads, citing key trends in cloud security like the shift towards edge compute and AI usage. 

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