Content Team | Xperience 2024: The Intersection of AI, Sustainability, and Customer Experience

Xperience 2024: The Intersection of AI, Sustainability, and Customer Experience

Have you ever wondered how sustainability and advanced AI can converge to shape the future of customer experiences? In this episode, we sit down with Peter Graf, the Senior Vice President of Strategy at Genesys, live from Xperience 2024, to delve into the groundbreaking innovations driving the future of personalized, AI-powered customer interactions.

Join us as we explore the pivotal role of sustainability in technology with Genesys Cloud operations now achieving carbon neutrality. Peter sheds light on how this milestone was reached and what it means for the broader tech industry. We also dive into the latest enhancements in the Genesys Cloud platform, including new AI capabilities like Copilots, Virtual Agents, and Empathy Detection, designed to revolutionize customer and employee experiences.

We’ll discuss the impact of these innovations on real-world businesses, featuring success stories from Virgin Atlantic, Modivcare, Kiwibank, and the National Domestic Hotline, all of whom have harnessed Genesys’ solutions to achieve remarkable results.

As the landscape of AI and customer experience continues to evolve, Peter offers insights into the strategic partnerships and forward-thinking approaches that position Genesys at the forefront of this transformation. From managing customer journeys with deeper insights to the integration of social media analytics through the acquisition of Radarr Technologies, this episode is packed with valuable information for anyone interested in the intersection of AI, sustainability, and customer experience.

Tune in to discover how Genesys is not only accelerating the future of AI-driven customer interactions but also ensuring these advancements are sustainable. What does the future hold for AI in customer experience? How can businesses leverage these tools to enhance both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency? Share your thoughts and join the conversation as we explore these critical questions and more.

Don’t miss this engaging discussion with Peter Graf, and be sure to share your insights on how AI and sustainability are reshaping the tech landscape.

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