Content Team | Xperience 2024: Genesys and a Future of Personalized AI-Powered Experiences

Xperience 2024: Genesys and a Future of Personalized AI-Powered Experiences

How is artificial intelligence transforming customer experiences across industries? In today’s special episode of Tech Talks Daily, we are live at Xperience 2024, where we have the pleasure of speaking with Brett Weigl, Senior Vice President of Product Management for AI at Genesys. Brett shares his insights on the latest AI innovations from Genesys, including their groundbreaking developments in Customer Journey Management.

Brett delves into the findings from a recent consumer perception study on AI in customer experience, emphasizing the role of chatbots and AI-powered solutions in enhancing customer interactions. He explains how Genesys is harnessing AI to optimize every touchpoint in the customer journey, ensuring smoother, more personalized experiences.

We also explore the newly announced native journey management capabilities for the Genesys Cloud™ platform. Brett highlights how these capabilities provide organizations with deeper insights and control over customer interactions, allowing them to visualize, analyze, and improve customer journeys effectively. This integration not only enhances automation and prediction but also improves conversational intelligence, setting a new standard for AI-driven customer service.

Join us as Brett discusses the synergy between Genesys Cloud AI and Journey Management, revealing how these technologies work together to deliver unparalleled customer experiences. We also get a sneak peek into future innovations and what they mean for the industry.

Tune in to discover how Genesys is leading the charge in AI-powered experience orchestration and what it means for the future of customer service.

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