Content Team | VMware Explore: Navigating the Cloud Innovation Race

VMware Explore: Navigating the Cloud Innovation Race

This episode is a special broadcast live from VMware Explore in Barcelona. This event is at the forefront of guiding businesses on their journey to multi-cloud, and today, we’re diving into a topic that’s on everyone’s mind: the evolving priorities of C-suites regarding cloud innovation.

Martin Hosken, VMware’s Chief Technologist for Cloud in EMEA, joins me in this insightful discussion. Martin is a driving force behind VMware’s technology vision and a recognized thought leader in the Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud communities. A rich technology strategy background and a deep industry understanding shape his insights.

Alongside Martin, we’re joined by Gavin Jolliffe, CEO and Co-Founder of Xtravirt. Gavin’s expertise lies in steering a modern consulting and managed services firm committed to unlocking the full potential of cloud and business technologies for its clients. His perspective is crucial in understanding how consulting services are shaping the future of cloud strategies.

In our conversation, we delve into the nuances of cloud innovation from the C-Suite perspective. We discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities businesses face in the cloud domain. Martin and Gavin share their insights on why financial and technical expertise, particularly in FinOps, is becoming increasingly crucial yet challenging to acquire in today’s market.

We also touch upon the current state of the labor market in cloud recruitment. Understanding what skills are in demand and how traditional cloud skills like DevOps are evolving in the present landscape provides a clearer picture of the industry’s direction.

Moreover, our discussion extends to the practical aspects of cloud application and management. We explore how businesses can gauge their cloud applications’ and strategies’ value and returns. This includes understanding the metrics and signals that indicate successful cloud implementation and value acceleration.

Lastly, we wrap up with some forward-looking advice for businesses seeking to harness the full benefits of cloud computing across their organizations. Martin and Gavin offer their perspectives on how companies can navigate the complexities of cloud adoption and maximize its advantages.

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