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VMware Explore – Exploring Multi-Cloud Innovation at

In today’s episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, I’m thrilled to bring you an engaging conversation straight from the bustling halls of VMware Explore 2023. It’s here, amidst the center of the multi-cloud universe, where I had the fortunate chance to bump into Andy Corcoran, the UK&I Channel Sales Director at VMware.

 Known for his fervent passion for leveraging technology to drive positive business outcomes, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into VMware’s approach to multi-cloud innovation.

Our discussion kicks off with an in-depth look at VMware’s partner program. Andy eloquently describes how this program is intricately designed to align with the evolving needs of both partners and customers in the cloud technology space. He emphasizes the importance of these partnerships in driving incremental business value, a testament to his meticulous approach in planning and executing business strategies.

As we delve deeper, Andy shares his insights on how VMware collaborates with key partners to address the diverse and complex cloud technology needs of their customers. This collaboration, as he points out, is not just about delivering tailored solutions but also about ensuring that these solutions are effective and future-proof. It’s a glimpse into the symbiotic relationships that VMware nurtures and values in its ecosystem.

A significant part of our conversation revolves around the appeal of VMware’s technology, particularly VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). Andy explains why an increasing number of customers are turning towards VMware’s offerings to enhance their business operations. It’s not just about the technology itself, but also about the trust and reliability that VMware has cultivated over the years.

Data sovereignty, a key focus at this year’s VMware Explore, is another critical topic we explore. Andy highlights the importance of data sovereignty for organizations and how VMware Sovereign Cloud assists in ensuring this crucial aspect. He doesn’t shy away from discussing the risks associated with the lack of a defined data sovereignty policy or supporting technologies, underscoring the urgency and importance of this issue in today’s digital landscape.

Private AI, another significant theme at VMware Explore 2023, is also a topic we touch upon. Andy provides a clear and concise explanation of what Private AI entails, integrating it into the broader vision of VMware. He navigates the complexities of balancing the benefits of AI with privacy and compliance rules, a challenge that many organizations face today.

As our conversation nears its end, Andy shares his thoughts on the future – specifically, the challenges and opportunities he foresees for IT and Channel partners in 2024. His forward-looking insights offer a glimpse into what the future holds for the industry, making it a must-listen segment for anyone keen on staying ahead in the rapidly evolving world of cloud technology.


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