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Unveiling the Cloud’s Hidden Challenges

Is your business navigating through the murky waters of cloud costs and customer-centric design effectively? In today’s Tech Talks Daily Podcast, I’m excited to welcome Claire Milligan, the CEO of Aimably, to unravel these intricate topics. Cloud computing revolutionized the tech landscape, offering unparalleled efficiency and scalability. But beneath this silver lining, hidden costs and complexities lurk. How can businesses identify and tackle these expenses without compromising on the services they need?

Claire brings her wealth of experience to the table, discussing the often-overlooked pitfalls of cloud services. While companies like AWS have simplified operations, many businesses are entangled in a web of unnecessary costs. Claire will delve into how companies can discern if they’re being overcharged and the steps to take if they are. The conversation will also cover the importance of having a design mindset when understanding and solving customer pain points. With her design background, Claire offers a unique perspective on discovering and addressing these issues, boosting product integration and profitability.

Moreover, we’ll explore the dangers of overprovisioning in the cloud. Overpaying for unused features can be a silent drain on resources. Claire will share her insights on how businesses can avoid this trap by effectively managing their cloud services.

Throughout our discussion, we aim to provide valuable takeaways for optimizing cloud costs, understanding the delicate balance between necessity and excess in cloud services, and developing products that truly resonate with customers’ needs. We’ll also touch on the broader impact of cloud computing on software companies, including the shift from CAPEX to OPEX and its implications.

So, are you ready to uncover the hidden costs of the cloud and learn how to align your products with customer needs better? Join us in this enlightening conversation with Claire Milligan.

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