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Unraveling the Complexities of Data Security

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Kurt Markley from Apricorn, a company at the forefront of encrypted hard drives and flash drives. Our conversation was a deep and insightful exploration into the world of data security, a topic that resonates with businesses and governments alike.

Kurt brought to the table a wealth of knowledge, particularly highlighting a widespread issue in the realm of data backup protocols within organizations. It was intriguing to learn that even seasoned IT professionals in these organizations are often not doing enough to protect their data, a concern that Apricorn is keenly aware of and actively addressing.

One of the most compelling parts of our discussion revolved around the need to simplify security practices. Kurt emphasized that current security measures are often too complex, too expensive, and, ironically, not sufficiently protective. This simplicity in approach, as Kurt suggested, is not just about making things easier but also about enhancing the effectiveness of data security measures.

We also delved into the debate of cloud versus hardware for secure storage. Kurt offered a fresh perspective, advocating for a complementary relationship between the two. He explained the 3-2-1 rule of data management, highlighting how it integrates both cloud and hardware solutions to offer a balanced and robust approach to data security.

Another significant aspect of our conversation was the cost-effective management of data. Kurt shared insights on how organizations could better manage their cloud costs by considering archiving practices. This approach would involve moving unused but necessary data off the cloud, thus reducing ongoing expenses while ensuring data protection.

As we progressed, we tackled the barriers to adopting encrypted solutions in organizations. Kurt’s insights here were particularly enlightening, revealing the challenges organizations face and how Apricorn is working to overcome them. He also touched upon the future of hardware encryption in data security, suggesting it as a pivotal element in the evolving landscape of data protection.

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