Content Team | Unpacking the Kaseya 2023 MSP Benchmark Report

Unpacking the Kaseya 2023 MSP Benchmark Report

Mike Puglia, Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of Security Products at Kaseya, joins me on Tech Talks Daily.  Mike sheds light on the much-anticipated Kaseya 2023 MSP Benchmark Report, an insightful resource that dives deep into the trends, challenges, and priorities of over 1,000 managed services providers (MSPs) worldwide.

Our discussion centers around the critical themes of automation, cybersecurity, and integration. Mike expounds on how 90% of the respondents view automation as a game-changing technology for their businesses, enhancing efficiency and revenue generation by streamlining processes such as endpoint management, monitoring, and cybersecurity.

We delve into the growing significance of cybersecurity, a realm that has seen a 15% surge as the top IT challenge from the previous year. With a clear majority of MSPs regularly advising their clients on cybersecurity, Mike explains how this trend has also fuelled the growth of managed detection and response solutions.

Tackling the issue of software integration, we explore how poor integration continues to hamper productivity and daily operations. Mike elucidates how the ability to integrate core applications can reduce duplication of efforts, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately improve work-life balance for executives and technicians.

We address the various challenges that MSPs anticipate, such as intensifying competition and escalating security threats. From co-managed IT services to M&A strategies, we delve into different tactics to overcome these hurdles and ensure business growth.

Join us to uncover key insights about MSP operations, understand how break-fix activities impact revenue streams, and explore the strategic potential of co-managed IT services. This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen on the future trajectory of the MSP sector and the burgeoning role of cybersecurity within it.

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