Content Team | ThoughtSpot – How AI Analytics is Redefining Business Intelligence

ThoughtSpot – How AI Analytics is Redefining Business Intelligence

In the rapidly evolving world of data analytics, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Today on Tech Talks Daily, I’m thrilled to have Sumeet Arora from ThoughtSpot to walk us through their game-changing announcements. ThoughtSpot is already renowned for its advanced analytics tool, but with its recent launches, they are truly pushing the boundaries.

Dive in with us as we discuss the all-new ThoughtSpot Sage, a search experience that blends foundational language models with ThoughtSpot’s unmatched search technology. Get excited as we unveil its integration into free trials, enhancing accessibility for users everywhere.

As businesses globally rely heavily on workplace productivity tools, ThoughtSpot’s integrations with giants like Excel and Google Workspace aim to embed analytics right within your everyday workflow. But that’s just the start. With Liveboards now enabling real-time collaborative decision-making using data, we examine the tangible benefits this brings to the table.

The episode then takes a deeper dive into the expanded universe of ThoughtSpot’s features. With the recent launch of ThoughtSpot SaaS on Google Cloud Platform, the introduction of a range of new database connectors, the unveiling of the Data Modeling Studio, and innovative embedded Liveboard features, businesses are in for an enriched data experience like never before.

Sumeet also elaborates on the exciting launch of Monitor for Mobile, a feature that not only notifies users about business metric changes but provides invaluable insights into the ‘why’ behind these shifts.

We then switch gears to discuss ThoughtSpot’s strategic acquisition of Mode Analytics for a whopping $200M. How does this merger aim to empower data teams with Generative AI? And how will it redefine the landscape of Business Intelligence?

If you’ve been seeking to understand how to truly harness the power of your data, this episode is packed with insights, updates, and a vision of the future you won’t want to miss. Join Neil and Sumeet as they chart the course of AI-driven analytics and explore the next frontier in data interpretation.

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