Content Team | The Tech Tag Team: WWE and Cisco’s Networking Power Play

The Tech Tag Team: WWE and Cisco’s Networking Power Play

In today’s digitized age, the spectacle of live entertainment isn’t just about the Wrestlers, but equally about the seamless technological orchestration that happens behind the scenes. 

On this episode of Tech Talks Daily, we meet Ralph Riley, Director of Broadcast IT Systems at WWE, a man whose career has seen him evolve from an IT intern to a key player managing the nerve center of WWE’s broadcasting operations.

Ralph’s journey through the ranks of WWE offers a fascinating glimpse into how critical network management and cybersecurity are in ensuring that millions of viewers receive uninterrupted, high-quality broadcasts of their favorite wrestling events. With over 15 years in the field, Ralph has navigated the rapid evolution of technology and security, particularly in the demanding realm of media and entertainment.

In 2020, Ralph’s contributions were recognized with WWE’s ‘Code of Champions’ award, an accolade that highlighted his significant role in advancing WWE’s technological capabilities. His hands-on experience spans from ensuring the robustness of the network during live broadcasts to integrating advanced solutions like Cisco’s ThousandEyes, which offers real-time visibility into network performance, drastically reducing the mean time to resolution for network issues.

Beyond the technical, Ralph’s story is also one of personal passion and community service. His dedication extends into his personal life, where he volunteers at Operation Hope food pantry, demonstrating a commitment to addressing food insecurity. His multifaceted life—balancing high-stakes IT management, community service, and family—provides a rich narrative on the intersections between technology, personal growth, and community impact.

What does it take to maintain such a high-stakes technology environment without losing touch with community and family? Join us as Ralph shares his insights and experiences, and let us know how technology has impacted your enjoyment of live events. How does technology invisibly enhance your experience of the spectacle? Share your thoughts with us!

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