Content Team | The Intersection of Tech and Finance: Unpacking DivideBuy’s Consumer-Centric Model

The Intersection of Tech and Finance: Unpacking DivideBuy’s Consumer-Centric Model

In today’s episode, I sit down with Ian Barrell, Partnerships & Business Development Manager at DivideBuy, a frontrunner in the burgeoning consumer finance industry. Join me in a conversation that dissects the rapidly expanding landscape of consumer financing while shedding light on the technological innovations that are setting DivideBuy apart.

We explore the unique selling points of DivideBuy, focusing on their dedication to merging technology with retail finance. The discussion pivots to the importance of ethics and responsibility in lending, emphasizing DivideBuy’s commitment to making prudent and informed lending decisions.

As we delve deeper, the conversation takes an exciting turn toward DivideBuy’s recent acquisition by Zopa. Ian unravels the synergistic opportunities this merger opens up, from leveraging Zopa’s underwriting capabilities to infusing new technological advancements into their portfolio. This union aims to redefine the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) concept by incorporating comprehensive credit checks and affordability assessments.

Ian talks about the ‘installments as a Service’ model. This modern take on consumer financing offers businesses an edge, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with DivideBuy’s solutions, enhancing their customer experience. They also discuss potential avenues for the company, including the possibility of venturing into subscription and rental services.

Don’t miss out on this eye-opening discussion that concludes on a lighter note as Neil and Ian share a musical recommendation that perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist of our times.

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