Jenny Radcliffe | The Human Factor – Ian Murphy

The Human Factor – Ian Murphy

Ian is the Co-Founder and Vice President at LMNTRIX, where they advocate an active approach to security rather than passive. 

Ian brings his years of experience, across many industries and types of organisations, to help companies with common sense advice and helping them to understand the threats they face.

Listen in as he explains how his background helped to shape him, including the work environment during his apprentice years, frustrations with some aspects of the industry and how Steve McManaman cruelly denied a career as a professional footballer. 

The Cuckoo’s Egg (Cliff Stoll)

The Code Book (Simon Singh)

Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari) 

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Jenny Radcliffe

I am an expert in the psychology and tactics behind Social Engineering attacks, as well as negotiations, nonverbal communication and deception. I have a strong academic and corporate background, and was a senior procurement leader before becoming a consultant and trainer in both negotiation and procurement strategy and skills. I lecture at several business schools at Masters level in many business topics and am a guest lecturer in both security and procurement disciplines. I help clients in different ways from psychological pen-testing, to breaking security systems, from coaching and training, to strategic assignments, crisis situations and professional investigative work. I can assist with leading negotiations on behalf of clients or coaching individuals and teams to excel in this area. I am a professional speaker, and appear regularly at conferences, webinars and company events,(Rant, InfoSec, Disa, NordicIT) and I talk about how “people hacking” using psychological methods can be a huge threat to organisations of all sizes. I help security teams and professionals to use the tools of human hackers to enhance awareness campaigns, persuade and influence their stakeholders and understand how culture contributes to organisational vulnerability. I offer consultancy, training and coaching services ranging from skills assessments and corporate psychological profiling, to masterclasses in all of my areas of expertise including non-verbal communications, lie detection, social engineering, rapid rapport building and public speaking.

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