Content Team | The Fortra Approach to Securing the Digital Frontier

The Fortra Approach to Securing the Digital Frontier

In this episode, I explore the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity with Antonio Sanchez, Principal Evangelist at Fortra.

Formerly known as HelpSystems, Fortra carries forward a legacy of people-first support, now reinforced with a renewed focus on exceptional protection and peace of mind. Antonio opens our conversation with an overview of Fortra’s evolution, discussing the shift from systems management to delivering robust cybersecurity solutions.

In this candid discussion, Antonio underscores the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity industry and outlines Fortra’s proactive approach to staying ahead of the curve. Through continuous investment in threat intelligence and a customer-centric feedback system, Fortra navigates the industry’s shift towards an integrated platform world.

We delve into some of Fortra’s recent cybersecurity initiatives, including their collaboration with Microsoft in combating illegal infrastructures. Antonio offers valuable advice to businesses on stratifying and evolving their cybersecurity strategies over time, and shares success stories of how Fortra has enhanced organizations’ security postures via penetration testing and integrated solutions.

Rounding off our conversation, we take a lighter detour into Antonio’s personal journey in cybersecurity, touching on the changing landscape of the field, the importance of automation, and the critical role of security in the C-suite. And as a fun anecdote, we learn about the seven Antonios in his family!


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