Content Team | The CISO’s Journey: Balancing Risk, Resilience, and Business Growth”

The CISO’s Journey: Balancing Risk, Resilience, and Business Growth”

How can Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) transcend traditional boundaries to become enablers of business success and innovation? Join me on Tech Talks Daily as I sit down with Jim Doggett, CISO of Semperis and a veteran in the field of cybersecurity, to delve into this pressing question.

With over three decades of experience in leading cybersecurity and risk programs across global organizations, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on the evolving role of CISOs in today’s business environment.

In our conversation, we will explore the transformation of the CISO role from a technical doer to a visionary leader who not only protects the digital assets of a company but also drives business growth by leveraging digital infrastructure. Jim will share his insights on the importance of balancing security measures with business enablement, emphasizing the concept of “rarely saying no” but rather offering alternative solutions that align with the company’s objectives.

We’ll also discuss the critical role of resiliency in the face of threats like ransomware, the significance of maintaining a focus on security basics amidst the allure of new technologies, and the growing importance of identity and behavioral analysis as the digital perimeter continues to dissolve.

Furthermore, Jim will offer practical advice on gaining leadership buy-in by framing security in terms of business risk and impact, thereby fostering a culture of security that supports business continuity and profitability.

Underpinning our discussion will be Jim’s perspective on leadership versus management, the necessity for CISOs to redefine what’s believed to be possible, and the strategic approach to deploying digital infrastructure in a way that not only secures the business but also drives revenue and sustainable growth.

How can CISOs navigate the complex interplay between security, innovation, and business strategy to redefine their role and contribute to the overall success of their organizations? Tune in to this enlightening episode of Tech Talks Daily, and let’s unravel the future of cybersecurity leadership together.

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