Content Team | The Chief Customer Officer: Roles, Responsibilities and ROI

The Chief Customer Officer: Roles, Responsibilities and ROI

Join me for an insightful conversation with Mary Fratto Rowe, the newly appointed Chief Customer Officer at Navisite. With over three decades of experience in customer success and leadership, Mary brings a wealth of knowledge on transforming customer success organizations and driving business growth through exceptional customer experiences.

In this episode, Mary discusses the evolving role of the Chief Customer Officer and how it’s becoming increasingly pivotal in aligning company strategies with customer needs and expectations. She shares her vision for Navisite’s customer experience, emphasizing the importance of building strong, honest relationships and the implementation of strategic programs like executive sponsor programs and customer advisory boards.

We explore the concept of a customer-centric organization, delving into how such an orientation can drive a company’s growth and success. They discuss the significance of a robust customer success program in increasing revenues, profitability, and shareholder return, especially in today’s challenging business environment.

Mary also touches on the exciting potential of AI in enhancing customer-facing teams and the future of support portals. She envisions a more intelligent and helpful system that empowers customers to find answers more efficiently. The episode concludes with Mary reflecting on the influences in her career, particularly highlighting Maria Martinez’s impact on her professional journey.¬†

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