Content Team | Tenable – The Cybersecurity Tightrope: Balancing Risk and Innovation

Tenable – The Cybersecurity Tightrope: Balancing Risk and Innovation

In today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily, we delve into the labyrinthine world of cybersecurity with none other than Satnam Narang, a Senior Staff Research Engineer at Tenable. As we navigate through an age where digital safety is paramount, Tenable serves as a guardian for approximately 40,000 global organizations, helping them understand and minimize cyber risk.

Our discussion covers a multitude of pressing topics—from known vulnerabilities in both UK and global infrastructure to the lurking decade-old bugs that could be the fine line between your safety and a multi-million-pound breach. We explore the urgent need for robust cyber hygiene practices as well as the rising prevalence of social media scams and crypto cyber-attacks. Satnam brings an unparalleled depth of expertise, shedding light on Tenable’s pioneering work, including their renowned Nessus® technology. 

This episode is particularly timely, considering the recent CISA warnings about new, yet often ancient, Linux vulnerabilities that are actively exploited, presenting considerable risks to federal enterprises.
We also delve into the role of open-source libraries in both innovation and the vulnerability landscape. Drawing from real-world examples like the CLOP group’s ransomware attack, we discuss how even well-known, old vulnerabilities are proving to be lucrative targets for both average cybercriminals and state actors. Satnam and I share strategies for reducing cyber risk, emphasizing the need for prioritizing vulnerabilities, improving visibility into network assets, and creating an effective incident response playbook.

 With cyber threats evolving at an unprecedented pace, this episode serves as an indispensable guide for organizations and individuals alike to bolster their digital fortresses.

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