Content Team | TEKsystems on the Evolution of Data Analytics and AI

TEKsystems on the Evolution of Data Analytics and AI

I chat with Srini Swaminathan, Managing Director at TEKsystems Global Services, a company at the forefront of solving complex technology and business challenges for a vast majority of the Fortune 500 companies. The conversation opens with Srini sharing invaluable insights about his background in data analytics and the evolving landscape that now includes notable advancements in AI and machine learning models.

The dialogue then takes a deeper dive into the undeniable necessity of having a robust data strategy for unleashing innovation and data monetization opportunities. We explore the need for building a strong data foundation that not only involves contributions from domain experts and IT departments but also calls for carefully chosen partnerships to implement AI in a safe and responsible manner.

As the conversation unfolds, the focus shifts to best practices in implementing AI projects. We also discuss the critical role of domain expertise in training AI models for accurate decision-making and discuss the importance of considering the business value and ROI of such projects. The episode closes with an engaging chat about the limitations of AI, the importance of human intervention for meaningful decision-making, and the sharing of experiences and resources for anyone looking to make a deep dive into this transformative technology.

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