secretleaders | Tech Will Save Us & Koru Kids: Educating Children at Home Through Covid-19

Tech Will Save Us & Koru Kids: Educating Children at Home Through Covid-19

If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to hold down a full time job while working from home AND educating your kids for the foreseeable future, then you need to listen to Koru Kids founder Rachel Carrell and Tech Will Save Us co-founder Bethany Koby.

“Lower [your] impossible expectations. It is not possible to work full time and also homeschool kids full time, at the same time. It’s just not possible. And just don’t listen to anyone who implies that it is. We are working really hard to come up with new services to help people make one plus one somehow equal three.”

Koru Kids, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, was building a whole new childcare system, recruiting, training, matching and managing over 1,000 nannies in London every single day. Having had to pivot hard, Rachel explains the impact that coronavirus has had on her business and how she has taken nannying online.

Tech Will Save Us co-founder Bethany has created a play led home learning system focusing on creativity and technology, delivering fun and learning advantages to 4-12 year olds. Bethany explains how they had the foresight to switch their attention towards their digital channels last year, which so far has saved their bacon.

So if you’re a founder wondering how to turn this current situation to your advantage, download and listen to this episode.

“We need to make sure we get through this as strong as possible, because this will put us in an even stronger position in the next six months, to hopefully really raise our strategic round, with even better metrics and with even better evidence of the necessity of the product, and the kind of joy and efficacy that the product is actually bringing to families.”

We chat about:

  • How Covid-19 has impacted their investment and distribution channels
  • Why the whole childcare system needs an overhaul
  • Why innovation is key to pivoting and ultimately survival
  • The spotlight on the ed-tech space
  • Why you need to create rhythms to suit your family

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