Tech Talks – Tech Talks with Ben Falk from Yo-Da

Tech Talks – Tech Talks with Ben Falk from Yo-Da

GDPR – boring right? No. Not if it means that 500 consumers across Europe have a chance to unlock and monetize their data. This week’s guest Ben Falk has a solution to do just that; to understand your own data and make sure it works for you, and not someone else.

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Also on the show we have a discussion about AI and seed investment with articles taken from and UK Tech News. Links below.

European Seed investors eyeing AI investment opportunities more, says report

MIT Creates An AI Psychopath Because Someone Had To Eventually

Tech Talk

Dave Savage from recruitment experts Harvey Nash hosts TechTalks - frank conversations with inventors, entrepreneurs and experts from the tech sector. From blockchain to self driving cars to fintech, the podcast series looks at the big (and small) trends that are changing our world.

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