Content Team | Tech Innovations for Success: Exploring Digital Twins and AI in Business

Tech Innovations for Success: Exploring Digital Twins and AI in Business

I have the pleasure of hosting Slava Podmurnyi, the Co-Founder and CEO of Visartech, a leading software technology partner specializing in custom software solutions. With over 13 years of experience in applying technology to diverse business niches, Slava brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to the table.

Join us as Slava shares his journey, starting with WizardTech Incorporated, a game development studio that evolved into Visartech, with a laser focus on AR and 3D solutions. Discover how Visartech has become a reliable tech partner, helping businesses tackle major challenges and turn them into intelligent and interactive solutions.

Slava’s expertise spans various areas, including digital twin ecosystems, metaverse platforms, and SaaS products. Tune in as he discusses the significance of adopting new technologies and remote work in today’s business landscape. Learn how optimizing IT infrastructure with DevOps practices can save business funds while building a strong foundation for applications.

Explore the world of digital twins and their transformative capabilities, from simulating processes to predicting problems and training employees. Slava sheds light on the power of a bespoke metaverse with solid backend architecture and interactive interfaces, creating immersive 3D experiences that enhance user interactions.

We discuss the adoption and feedback of metaverse technology among big tech companies, exploring its potential applications in training, education, and beyond. Uncover the rising demand for content generation using AI tools, leading to faster application development and enhanced user experiences.

Visartech Inc. has a remarkable track record of crafting digital masterpieces for brands, from SMBs to Fortune Global 500 corporations. Discover some of their best cases, including a metaverse for remote collaboration, a golf simulation platform for the sports industry, and a fintech solution for secure lending.

Don’t miss this episode filled with valuable insights from Slava Podmurnyi, as he shares how Visartech is shaping the future of software solutions and paving the way for innovative business experiences. Whether you’re a business leader, developer, or technology enthusiast, this episode offers an inspiring and informative conversation on the potential of digital twins and the metaverse.

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