Content Team | TD SYNNEX – Unleashing Technology’s Potential with Luc van Huystee

TD SYNNEX – Unleashing Technology’s Potential with Luc van Huystee

Join me in this insightful episode as I converse with Luc van Huystee, the Vice President of Mobility at TD SYNNEX, an innovative leader in the global IT ecosystem, which has been recently acclaimed as the 2023 Microsoft Operational Excellence Partner of the Year!

Van Huystee, a veteran with over a decade of expertise in mobility, SmartHome, Metaverse, and AR/VR solutions, discusses the compelling journey of TD SYNNEX and its significant role in transforming the technology industry. Dive into the conversation as we explore the rapid advancements in AR/VR, SmartHome tech, and the burgeoning Metaverse, and learn how TD SYNNEX is carving out its unique niche in these emerging domains by focusing on commercial applications and assisting vendors in crafting solutions.

We also delve into topics such as remote assistance potential, the rise of smart home technology, the crucial role of maximizing IT investments for clients, and TD SYNNEX’s firm commitment towards fostering diversity and inclusion in its operations. Listen as we underline the importance of understanding customer needs, tapping into specialist knowledge, backing resellers, and striving towards building a balanced organization for unprecedented success.

Listen in as we explore the exciting terrains of emerging technologies in the IT ecosystem, such as AI, green tech, and the game-changing impact of AR/VR. This episode promises to be an enlightening journey into the future of technology, as envisioned by one of the industry’s most forward-thinking leaders. Tune in to stay ahead of the tech curve!

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