secretleaders | Tabitha Goldstaub – AI, pivots and losing your identity

Tabitha Goldstaub – AI, pivots and losing your identity

If you’re concerned about AI and how it could affect your future, then don’t miss Tabitha Goldstaub on this week’s episode of Secret Leaders.

Tabitha is a serial tech entrepreneur, an artificial intelligence industry expert who is chair of the UK government’s AI Council, and co founder of CognitionX, which was before COVID, the biggest AI conference in the world, but has understandably had to pivot to an expert advice platform.

“It was really clear that there were so many better experts to advise the government, but there wasn’t anybody who could be the glue to hold them together. And they needed somebody to do a lot of the legwork. And also, I think they were looking for someone as optimistic as me.”

Before that, she co-founded Rightster (now Brave Bison) a global b2b video network for distribution, content-sourcing, audience engagement and monetisation, and now she’s just written a book – How To Talk To Robots, something we could all do with learning.

“I felt like I was at this sort of epicentre where I got to witness the future unfolding in front of my eyes. And I was selfish if I didn’t explain it to my mates.”

From explaining why she’s written a book about AI for women, to worrying that we won’t use AI to fight climate change, Tabitha is frank, open and incredibly honest about the future of AI. So, if you’re interested in the future of the world and the way that artificial intelligence will impact it, don’t miss this incredibly insightful episode.

We chat about:

  • Chairing the UK government’s AI council at 31
  • The fear that led her to write How To Talk To Robots
  • The risks and rewards of AI
  • Her biggest fear in AI
  • The issue of trust
  • Pivoting CogX from physical to virtual


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