Content Team | Sustainable Data Destruction: Keeping Devices Out of Landfills”

Sustainable Data Destruction: Keeping Devices Out of Landfills”

How secure is your data really? In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I sit down with Rocco D’Amico, founder of Brass Valley, to explore the hidden threats and innovations in data security and management. Brass Valley began with a focus on data security for data centers and has since evolved into a leader in search engine optimization and data destruction innovations.

Rocco sheds light on the often-overlooked danger of embedded data in off-network and end-of-life devices, explaining how even wiped devices can harbor hidden data that poses significant security risks. He discusses the importance of identifying gaps in your company’s data protection and what a robust data risk management platform should accomplish. Rocco’s insights into implementing high-reliability practices from industries like nuclear, healthcare, and aviation into IT asset disposition (ITAD) are invaluable, demonstrating how to minimize the risk of mega data breaches effectively.

One of the standout moments from our conversation is Rocco’s account of assisting a major security company in closing 49 data centers across 22 countries within just 60 days. His story highlights the critical role of strong communication, cultural understanding, and experienced partners in achieving such a massive feat without compromising data security.

Rocco also emphasizes the importance of sustainability in data destruction, advocating for responsible methods that keep old devices out of landfills while ensuring complete data destruction. He offers a fascinating perspective on how the data management landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and what these changes mean for the technology we use today.

For those interested in delving deeper into data security, Rocco provides practical advice on measuring processes, enabling open communication, and having a disaster recovery plan in place. His approach to empowering staff to voice concerns and preventing potential breaches showcases the importance of a proactive and vigilant mindset in data protection.

What steps are you taking to ensure your data is fully protected? Tune in to this episode to learn from Rocco D’Amico’s expertise and discover how you can fortify your data security strategies. After listening, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the hidden threats within your data security practices and how you plan to address them.

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