Content Team | STEPN, GNT, Gas Hero: A Deep Dive into Find Satoshi Lab’s Innovations

STEPN, GNT, Gas Hero: A Deep Dive into Find Satoshi Lab’s Innovations

In today’s Tech Talks Daily episode, we dive deep into the exhilarating world of Web3, NFTs, and innovative gaming. Joining us is Shiti Manghani, the dynamic COO of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) and an award-winning business leader with a formidable track record spanning 14 years and 11 countries.

Find Satoshi Lab began its exciting journey with the introduction of STEPN, a revolutionary Web3 application that marries fitness with crypto rewards. Imagine being rewarded for your every step, jog, or run with the help of a virtual NFT sneaker. That’s the innovation of STEPN, and Shiti offers a behind-the-scenes look at its inception during the height of COVID-19 and its subsequent impressive growth trajectory.

But why would a digital sneaker hold more appeal than its physical counterpart in our current era? We delve into this intriguing topic, understanding the strategic confluence of health awareness and technological allure.

The future of Web3 is vast and promising. Shiti offers her perspectives on the trailblazing projects in this domain that aren’t just innovating but also turning profitable. Find Satoshi Lab, the genius team behind STEPN, has recently unveiled GNT, an AI-powered NFT generator. This unique platform is a boon for creators, founders, and startups, offering them the prowess to craft distinctive digital art pieces that can be instantly minted as NFTs.

And there’s more. Awaiting launch is the online multiplayer game, Gas Hero. This game, accessible via web browsers and mobile phones, promises a tantalizing mix of power, fame, and money, accentuating the importance of player interaction. Shiti shares her insights on the psychological intricacies of game development, emphasizing the meticulous care FSL is putting into refining Gas Hero’s UX and UI.

Shiti’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. With an academic foundation in Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Marketing, she’s donned several esteemed hats. From founding a top-ranked computer vision-based AI start-up in the UK to launching the Wall Street Journal’s digital arm in India and building influential brands for PepsiCo US, Shiti’s story is one of innovation, tenacity, and global impact.

So, gear up for an episode replete with insights on Web3, the explosive potential of NFTs, and the future of immersive gaming. Dive into the world of Find Satoshi Lab and the brilliant mind of Shiti Manghani.

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