Content Team | Sphere 24: WithSecure’s Christine Bejerasco on Evolving Cyber Threats and Effective Security Practices

Sphere 24: WithSecure’s Christine Bejerasco on Evolving Cyber Threats and Effective Security Practices

I am live from Sphere 24 in Helsinki in this special Tech Talks Daily Podcast episode. I am pleased to speak with Christine Bejerasco, the Chief Information Security Officer at WithSecure. Christine brings her extensive 20-year experience in cybersecurity to our discussion, offering a unique perspective from the CISO point of view.

We dive into what makes Sphere 24 a standout event in the cybersecurity landscape. Christine shares her passion for this participant-driven unconference that brings together experts from diverse backgrounds to tackle the multifaceted challenges of cybersecurity. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and multiculturalism, highlighting how these elements are integral to the success of Sphere and WithSecure’s approach.

Our conversation covers the primary challenges CISOs face, particularly in balancing minimum adequate security with proactive cyber defense, especially in resource-constrained environments. Christine provides valuable insights into how exposure management is helping organizations identify and prioritize their most critical vulnerabilities, ensuring a more strategic and practical cybersecurity posture.

Christine also shares her thoughts on cyber adversaries’ evolving tactics and the importance of embedding security into organizational processes to elevate overall security maturity. We discuss the role of AI in cybersecurity and the necessity of adopting a “secure by design” mindset to build resilient technologies and organizations.

Join us for this engaging discussion, during which Christine Bejerasco offers practical advice, forward-thinking strategies, and a glimpse into the future of cybersecurity. Whether you are a business leader, cybersecurity professional, or simply interested in the latest trends, this episode provides knowledge and inspiration. Listen in, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

For more information, visit WithSecure’s website at and explore their latest blogs and resources on the evolving cyber threat landscape. Thank you for tuning in to the Tech Talks Daily Podcast from Sphere 24.

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