Content Team | Sopra Steria: Shaping a Responsible Future With Ethical AI

Sopra Steria: Shaping a Responsible Future With Ethical AI

Today’s episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast brings a thought-provoking conversation with Andy Whitehurst, UK Chief Technology Officer, and Kevin Macnish, Digital Ethics Consulting Manager, from Sopra Steria. Sopra Steria, a powerhouse in Europe’s tech sector, employs 55,000 across nearly 30 countries, known for its advanced consulting, digital services, and software development. In 2022, the group generated a substantial revenue of €5.1 billion, indicating its influential role in global technology and digital transformation.

Our conversation today delves into the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI), which is pivotal in its evolution. With the European Union recently passing groundbreaking legislation to regulate AI development, the topic of ethical AI is more relevant than ever. AI’s potential to profoundly transform society is undeniable, yet it carries inherent risks, including data misuse and ingrained gender bias. These challenges underscore the urgency of guiding AI development along an ethical path.

Andy and Kevin bring their extensive expertise to the table, discussing the intricate balance of harnessing AI’s transformative power while mitigating its potential pitfalls. They emphasize the importance of considering and addressing the consequences of unethical AI use and development promptly. The discussion extends to the necessity of fostering public dialogue about ethical AI at both governmental and industry levels, reflecting a collective responsibility towards this emerging technology.

The episode also highlights the ‘ethics by design’ approach as a cornerstone for responsible AI development. This methodology isn’t just about embedding ethical considerations into the fabric of organizational structures; it’s about integrating these principles throughout the AI development process. By asking the right technical questions and prioritizing ethical considerations from the outset, we can ensure that AI serves the greater good of society.

Join us in this episode as Andy Whitehurst and Kevin Macnish navigate the complex yet fascinating landscape of ethical AI, offering insights on how we can collectively shape a future where technology not only advances but also aligns with our core values for a positive and equitable world.

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