Content Team | Solar Revolution: Technology and Renewable Energy

Solar Revolution: Technology and Renewable Energy

In today’s Tech Talks Daily Podcast episode, we delve into the increasingly relevant and rapidly evolving world of solar energy. With a global shift towards sustainability, solar energy is not just a buzzword but a practical solution for property owners to reduce energy costs. The last decade has seen a remarkable 70% drop in the cost of solar equipment, making it more accessible than ever. Additionally, energy storage, now a part of 40% of residential solar installations, is a game-changer, particularly for businesses looking to eliminate demand charges.

We’re joined by James Kennedy from Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC to navigate these exciting developments. With his deep expertise in solar and renewable energy, entrepreneurship, and personal finance, James shares invaluable insights into the technological advancements in the solar industry and how these can economically benefit both homeowners and businesses. 

His journey from finance to founding Beach Cities Solar Consulting is a testament to his commitment to renewable energy and sustainable business practices. James’s experience in growing his business remotely, with most projects based in California while he is in Puerto Rico, highlights today’s business world’s innovative and adaptive nature.

In our conversation, James sheds light on the crucial aspects of solar technology, including the significant reduction in equipment costs and the pivotal role of battery storage technology. He also emphasizes the importance of educating clients about these technologies and their economic benefits.

As we wrap up, we extend a heartfelt thanks to James for enlightening us about the multitude of advantages that renewable energy brings to homeowners and businesses. His journey from working as a financial advisor to running successful companies in the renewable energy sector offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.


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