Content Team | Smartling’s AI Revolution: Bridging Language Gaps in Business and Beyond

Smartling’s AI Revolution: Bridging Language Gaps in Business and Beyond

Have you ever wondered how leading global brands effortlessly communicate with customers worldwide in their native languages? Today’s episode peels back the curtain on this fascinating process as we sit down with Bryan Murphy, CEO of Smartling, the company at the forefront of AI-driven translation and localization technology.

Is the language barrier the last hurdle in your company’s race to global expansion? Discover how Smartling’s innovative LanguageAI platform is revolutionizing how businesses approach new markets, making translation hurdles a thing of the past. With clients like Canva and Pinterest under their belt, Smartling’s impact on global communication strategies is undeniable. Bryan shares how his company leverages AI to enable seamless localization and scaling, helping brands reach millions of non-English speaking users with unprecedented efficiency.

Smartling, recognized as the leader in translation management systems by CSA Research and the top-rated system by users on G2, employs a data-driven approach to slash translation times and costs while maintaining the highest quality. This episode dives into the mechanics of Smartling’s platform, which combines automation, neural machine translation, and generative AI to deliver human-quality translations at half the cost and time.

Bryan explains the intricate process of localizing content for different markets, from the importance of maintaining a brand’s voice across languages to the challenges of translating for B2B versus B2C audiences. We’ll explore how Smartling’s AI advancements, including using generative AI models like GPT-3, enable the creation of fluent, culturally relevant content that resonates with a global audience.

Join us as we discuss the transformative power of AI in breaking down language barriers, facilitating global expansion, and cultivating a more connected world. Whether you’re a business looking to scale globally or fascinated by the intersection of technology and language, this conversation with Bryan Murphy offers invaluable insights into the future of communication.

As we navigate the complexities of global expansion, we invite you to reflect on the role of AI in overcoming the challenges of entering new markets. How can your business leverage AI-driven translation to communicate and connect with a global audience?

 Share your thoughts and join the conversation on the transformative impact of technology on global business strategies.

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