Content Team | Shadow API Usage Surges 900%, Revealing Lack of API Visibility Among Enterprises

Shadow API Usage Surges 900%, Revealing Lack of API Visibility Among Enterprises

On this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I sit down with William Glazier, an expert from Cequence Security to delve into the ins and outs of the groundbreaking “API Protection Report: Holiday Build-up Shows 550% Jump in Unique Threats.”

This revealing report is based on an analysis of approximately a trillion transactions spanning a variety of industries and uncovers the pressing API threat trends that are currently challenging organizations. We unpack key findings, such as a 900% spike in shadow APIs, a worrying 550% increase in unique threats during the holiday season, and a surprising revelation that API and web application security tactics are being combined by attackers, leading to a 220% increase in anomalous traffic.

Join us as we dive deep into the conversation about the vital role of API security in today’s digital landscape and how Cequence Security stands out with its history of mitigating bot attacks and its keen focus on both risk analysis and blocking malicious traffic.

We’ll also explore the alarming rise in fraud and retool attempts in the telecom industry and discuss how businesses can navigate the expanding threat landscape while safeguarding both legacy and new APIs. Listen in as we envision the future of API security, highlighting the role of generative AI in developing robust testing methods and ensuring that security becomes an integrated part of application development.

Don’t miss this eye-opening episode that sets a new standard in understanding the evolving threats and strategies in API security.

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