Content Team | SevenRooms – The Tech Helping Hospitality Teams Streamline Pre-Service Operations

SevenRooms – The Tech Helping Hospitality Teams Streamline Pre-Service Operations

In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I dive into the innovative world of hospitality technology with Austen Asadorian from SevenRooms. With a mission to revolutionize the dining experience, SevenRooms has unveiled its latest product feature, Pre-Shift – a game-changer for the restaurant industry. 

As labor shortages continue challenging the sector, Pre-Shift emerges as the beacon of efficiency. This cutting-edge tool empowers restaurant teams globally by streamlining pre-service meetings, replacing tedious paper reports with dynamic, real-time data presentations about each guest for the upcoming shift.

Listen in as Austen elaborates on how Pre-Shift harnesses rich customer data to offer invaluable insights like dining preferences, allergy information, and past reviews. This tool is not just about logistics but about enhancing the diner’s journey from the moment they step in, making each experience truly personalized. 

Highlighting its user-friendly design, Neil and Austen discuss the platform’s capability to deliver this information on-the-fly, via devices like iPhones and iPads, demonstrating its superiority in the reservation management space. 

Get a front-row seat to testimonials from industry heavyweights like Allison Page, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at SevenRooms, who likens the Pre-Shift feature to magic. Plus, hear from Steve Scott Springer, the General Manager at Spago Beverly Hills, who recounts the transformational impact Pre-Shift has had on their pre-service meetings.

Whether you’re a restaurateur, a techie, or someone who loves a great dining experience, this conversation promises to serve up a rich blend of technology, innovation, and hospitality insights. Join me as I explore how SevenRooms is setting the table for the future of dining.

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