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Securing the Open Source World

I sat down with Gal Elbaz, the co-founder and CTO of Oligo Security, to discuss the vulnerabilities and challenges within open-source software.

Gal Elbaz, renowned for his pivotal discovery of a critical vulnerability in an open source library used by Instagram, brings his extensive experience and knowledge to the forefront. He will discuss his journey from being a security researcher at Check Point to founding Oligo Security. This transition marks a significant shift from identifying vulnerabilities to developing robust solutions for open source security.


The episode also highlights Oligo Security’s innovative approach to tackling the vulnerabilities in open source software. Special attention is given to their recent discovery, ‘ShellTorch’, a critical vulnerability within TorchServe, a component of the PyTorch ecosystem. This discovery is particularly noteworthy considering TorchServe’s widespread use across major global corporations.


I learn how Oligo Security leverages eBPF-powered platforms to enable security teams to efficiently identify, prioritize, and respond to real and relevant threats in pre-deployment and post-deployment environments. This approach marks a significant departure from traditional methods that often overwhelm security teams with theoretical threats.


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