Content Team | Securing the Cloud: Liat Hayun’s Vision of Data Security in the Digital Age

Securing the Cloud: Liat Hayun’s Vision of Data Security in the Digital Age

In an era where cloud breaches are not just risks but realities, I sit down with Liat Hayun, co-founder of Eureka Security and a vanguard in the cybersecurity domain, on this episode of Tech Talks Daily. Liat, with a decorated background from the Israeli Cyber Command to Palo Alto Networks, and now at the helm of Eureka Security, brings a wealth of experience and a track record of innovation to the table.

The episode kicks off with Liat sharing her journey as a female tech leader and entrepreneur. She reflects on her pivotal roles, from her service in the IDF, which earned her the Israel Defense Prize, to leading the production of Cortex XDR at Palo Alto Networks. Liat offers insights into the growth opportunities and learnings from her transition from on-prem to cloud solutions and the nuances of building a threat hunting team.

As the conversation progresses, we delve into the evolution of data security. They dissect the challenges businesses face in securing data in the cloud and how Eureka’s distinctive approach—centered on data discovery, comprehension, and management—addresses these issues.

The importance of data management and access control is underscored, with Liat emphasizing the critical role these play in protecting customer data, maintaining reputation, and ensuring regulatory compliance. They explore how understanding and mitigating data risks is a continuous process, vital for the health of any organization.

We also touch upon the strategic value of engaging with early-stage startups, especially in the current economic climate, for tailored security solutions. They discuss real-world use cases where Eureka Security’s solutions have empowered businesses to not only meet compliance requirements but also to harness new technologies effectively.

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