Content Team | Scaling Success: Strategies for CTOs and VPEs

Scaling Success: Strategies for CTOs and VPEs

Have you ever wondered how to build a work culture that fosters high performance and innovation? In today’s episode, we’re joined by Francis Lacoste, an expert in engineering leadership coaching. Francis has dedicated his career to helping CTOs and VPs of Engineering at tech startups develop amazing work cultures and high-performing teams. Drawing on over 25 years of experience in the open-source and cloud developer tools industry, Francis shares his journey from being a Senior Director at Salesforce to becoming a sought-after coach for tech leaders.

We dive into the “inner game” of leadership, exploring how self-awareness, emotional mastery, and mindset shifts can transform the effectiveness of tech leaders. Francis emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong company culture, especially during rapid scaling phases, and shares strategies to foster psychological safety and mutual accountability within teams.

In our conversation, Francis reveals his best tips for staying effective and making an impact at every stage of being a startup CTO or VPE. We discuss his insights on the critical role of culture, the challenges tech leaders face when scaling, and how to create an environment where innovation and collaboration can thrive organically.

Tune in to learn from Francis’s extensive experience and discover how you can enhance your leadership skills to build teams that not only meet but exceed expectations. And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. What strategies have you found effective in nurturing a high-performance team? Share your experiences with us!

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