secretleaders | S2E05 ustwo Co-Founder Mills on Building a Fampany (aka Family Company)

S2E05 ustwo Co-Founder Mills on Building a Fampany (aka Family Company)

Our guest today is on the more unconventional side. For starters, he wouldn’t necessarily choose to call himself a “leader”, so what better set-up for a secret leader?

Mills, aka Matt Miller, is the co-founder of the fampany (read: family company) ustwo, a design studio occupying the ground floor of the Tea Building in Shoreditch, famous for hosting many of UK’s most creative brands.

Mills started his career at design studio Animal, where his first and only ever boss demonstrated to him just how leadership can be: a friendship based on trust and shared values. After experiencing that, Mills and ustwo co-founder John Sinclair, aka Sinx, decided to replicate it to create a fizzing company culture of their own.

Today we talk about doing things differently and putting values at the heart of an organization that really tries to keep its creativity in full flow, full-time employed. Mills and Sinx have zero intention to ever sell ustwo, and are on a mission to create the best working environment you can imagine.

We chat about:

  • The story of how ustwo was formed
  • International expansion
  • How they created a global smash hit mobile game
  • Mills’s love for mindful ultrarunning
  • What’s next for ustwo


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