S2E03 Co-Founder of Songkick: Pete Finlay on Burnout and Growing Too Fast

S2E03 Co-Founder of Songkick: Pete Finlay on Burnout and Growing Too Fast

Today you are going to hear the story of Songkick led by Pete Finlay, formerly known as Pete Smith.

You’re going to learn about the ups and downs of a very brutal story. Songkick was once one of the startup darlings of the UK, they raised a ton of cash, grew exponentially quickly, and, as Pete will share in today’s episode, really grew too fast for them to really understand how to manage this beast properly.

Pete ended up leaving Songkick and starting Silicon Milkroundabout. This had its own challenges, which again he shares in brutally honest fashion. Like any great leader, he owns his mistakes and shares how others could avoid them in the future.

We chat about:

  • Songkick’s birth, infancy and later years
  • What made Songkick different from other online concert discovery tools
  • Pete’s experience with burnout and his advice to first-time founders


Join us to learn more about Pete’s amazing journey.

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