S02E12 Rankin: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes

S02E12 Rankin: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes

Rankin is arguably Britain’s most successful export to the fashion industry, and one of the world’s leading portrait photographers. He is also well known for his phenomenal work ethic, his charitable pursuits within fashion and his fearlessness when creating art.

Rankin made his name in publishing by founding the seminal monthly magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack in 1991. Dazed & Confused has now progressed into Dazed Media, which in itself is a brand synonymous with leading fashion. With more than 40 books published and exhibitions all over the world, as well as still creating work for his own London gallery, it’s a wonder that Rankin has time to devote himself to any other project, let alone sit down with us today.

He is also known for his affiliations with charities, and he travels the world creating campaigns for the likes of Comic Relief, Women’s Aid, and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Rankin has captured icons and is respected worldwide for being the ultimate visionary. However, he is not just a celebrity photographer, he is also super being passionate about photographing real people of all sizes and shapes.

We chat about:

  • From Glasgow to Yorkshire to St Albans: his childhood and finding his way
  • Meeting Jefferson Hack and creating Dazed & Confused
  • Always wanting to give something back
  • What he thinks about the MeToo movement
  • Who he would like to photograph next
  • His attraction to serendipity
  • His fascination with Trump and his love of photographing baddies



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