Content Team | Revolutionizing Supply Chains: Inside Logility’s AI Success Story

Revolutionizing Supply Chains: Inside Logility’s AI Success Story

How is AI reshaping supply chain management, and what role is Logility playing in this transformation? In today’s episode, I sit down with Scott Tillman, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Logility, to explore the company’s groundbreaking approach to integrating artificial intelligence into supply chain operations. Logility’s digital supply chain platform leverages AI to recognize patterns and improve forecast accuracy, helping clients reduce inventory by 20% and unlock significant working capital.

Scott shares insights into how AI empowers supply chain managers with real-time insights, significantly reducing latency and enabling more effective decision-making. He provides a comprehensive look at how Logility tailors its platform to scale with clients, meeting them wherever they are on their digital transformation journey. We’ll delve into how the company has focused its AI efforts on specific use cases that deliver tangible value, such as optimizing inventory and improving demand forecasting.

We’ll also discuss future trends like prescriptive AI guidance and the intelligent automation of routine tasks. As AI use becomes more pervasive, companies must adopt a portfolio approach, targeting high-value use cases that drive tangible business impact. Are you ready to understand how AI can transform your supply chain strategy and operations? Join us to uncover how Logility’s innovative platform can redefine your approach.

What are your thoughts on AI’s role in supply chain management, and where do you see the most significant opportunities? We’d love to hear from you!

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